Randomly ran into this site on the Web the other day and then spent an enthralling half hour looking at their amazing products. I haven’t bought one yet, but I’m seriously considering it. This one is stunning.



The wonderful Alex Akira has agreed to do the cover for Christmas in Zonei. This is the mockup he sent me. I love it. It’s obviously not done yet — unfortunately Kim will get some clothes ;-). But I think Alex has done an excellent job of capturing both Kim and Raeden’s essence. What do you think?


Raeden, is that you?


This is the picture I used as inspiration for Kyle, one of the MCs in Pierced. Kyle, of course, has a few more piercings. Perhaps this picture was taken a few years before the story happens.


This is the picture I used as inspiration for Paul, also in Pierced.


We can guess what happens next.


Blond twins — gotta love ’em.


One of my readers found this online and sent it to me (thanks Kenyetta!). He looks like she imagines Ty. I have to agree. Ty’s eyes are bigger and, of course, green, and his hair is not this long yet — maybe in a few years? This model is definitely fucking gorgeous.

Photo of Ty?

Enrique: Sexy as sin! His music is hot too. He looks like how I imagine Keven in The Slave King.

I thought the below picture was interesting and erotic. I’m sure the painter meant this to be a female, but it could potentially be a young feminine male.

5 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Holy Kinky Fuckery! That red-headed dude is tasty. I could see him as an inspiration for Ty. I have a little different idea of his hair though. More like Rob Bourden’s.( drummer from Linkin Park) Long to the neck and wavy. Hmm. Still tasty though.

  2. Yeah I… wow the Red head if I only saw him from the neck up I’d have thought he was a Female. But as far as hair I thought that Ty would have hair more like TV actor Calum Worthy but a tiny bit longer.

  3. Hi, the last picture is of Lady Godiva (and yes, it is the one after whom the chocolate was named). I’m just surprised I recognized that. I like your story “Pierced” btw 🙂

  4. Yea I thought the red haired guy was perfect for Ty. His eyes just need to be bigger and green, but otherwise he is just luscious!!

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