How’s my year going?

So far my year has been extremely busy. My day job is taking a ton of time and energy, but I like it and it pays well which is good, because it looks like I’ll be putting the kids through college on my own.

I’m making some other positive changes that are difficult but for the best in the long run. However, I’m not spending nearly as much time writing as I’d like to be or feel I should be.

It’s surprising how easily I get discouraged. I think, “What’s the point? No one’s reading my stuff and it’s not all that good anyway.” Then I just got an email from a fan who wanted to know what else I’d written other than Rough Boys, because she wants more. When I was sending her the link to The Valjevo Encounter on Amazon, I noticed there were a couple glowing reviews of it up there. So maybe I do have something to offer and should get back to it. Just need a kick in the pants. :-).

14 thoughts on “How’s my year going?

  1. In that case I am officially kicking!;) I know you said that you’ll be working on a sequel to Christmas in Zonei and even though I loved the series I feel like maybe it would be a good idea to start something new. Maybe the excitement of creating a new world and storyline will get you going:)

    • Thanks for the kick! I am actually working on a couple of different things. I usually don’t write more than one story at a time, but right now I find myself bouncing back and forth between at least a couple. And I have first chapters of about six novels that all want me to get back to them. I don’t think I’ll run out of ideas any time soon. 🙂

  2. Sorry about the challenges you are facing but please know this – I love your writing! It takes a special person to create such great stories. Keep smiling and know that you are not alone!!!

  3. Definitely can identify with the “loss of time” factor. I’ve put off reissuing the 2nd part of my series yet again because after a lull in my design biz I decided to go to coding school…and then bam all these jobs came in just as I entered school. So now I am studying, doing tons of homework and doing freelance art… my writing time is like zilch…the only writing I’m doing is code…and a few reviews. When it rains it pours. Still I’m pretty happy, just have to figure out when I can return to editing my books. : ) It’ll all work out …for both of us I’m certain.

    • Great to hear from you. I am studying coding too. Part of my day job is coding in Ruby, but now I’m trying to learn Java too. I really like coding–it’s like figuring out a puzzle–but all that learning does take time as well. I am determined to get back on a regular writing schedule now though. Just have to carve out the time, somewhere between sleep and workout, I think.

  4. I just read the The Valjevo Encounter (for the 3rd time) and thought ‘I need to ask if there will be a story ‘before the story’… I love your work – I own all of your Rough Boys!! Have read those multiple times as well…
    Please know you are appreciated! when you are ready you will soar right back into the swing of things!

    • Thanks for your support!
      I hadn’t planned on writing a prequel to The Valjevo Encounter, but yes, there is more to tell about Guy’s background. It will come out in the next book of the series — when I get around to writing it. I’ve got it written in my head. LOL!

  5. I have always enjoyed your stories! I come back to this website just to re-read Christmas in Zonei all the time. And my ‘The Valjevo Encounter’ never gets a vacation in my E-reader. So I am sending you this, hope everything works out with the kids’ college and your job. Will be looking forward to anything you write in the future be it a sequel, prequel, or random one shot! Hang in there!

    • Thanks! I feel kind of bad about writing the “poor me” post, but it did generate some great support messages like yours, which in turn has got me writing more often. Yay! Thanks for letting me know how much you like my stories. I am thinking of doing a random short sometime soon. Or maybe not so random. 😉

    • Thanks Tali! Funny how I can have an opinion on every book I read — I know if they’re brilliant or boring and can usually easily peg them on the 1 – 5 scale. My own stuff — no idea! LOL! So I’m a bit embarrassed about the “poor me” post, but it did get me the kick in the pants I was looking for.
      Speaking of next stories, when is the sequel to Thick as Thieves coming out? I can’t wait to read it.

  6. Glad to see things are getting better. Hope you have been having a great year. Looking forward to whatever you release next. 🙂

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