Chapter Seven is Up!

I don’t know what I was thinking — apparently not thinking things through at all — in the last chapter when I stated the price for the electroregen treatment. I’ve realigned it with the 22nd century currency standards. I’ve also reworked the timeline a bit — too much is happening for it to all fit in between early December and Christmas, so I’ve backed the beginning of the story up by a couple of weeks. I may add a snippet about the steak dinner they shared falling on Thanksgiving Day of old (no longer celebrated in the 22nd century).

So, sorry about that. One of the hazards of reading chapter-by-chapter as I write is that things might shift around on you as the story develops. If this bothers you a lot, you can always just wait for me to publish the final version. 🙂 Or, better yet, let me know of any discrepancies you find.

I’d love to hear what you think of the story so far.

One thought on “Chapter Seven is Up!

  1. Outstanding story so far. I can’t wait for more. He is clearly bonding with Kim. I just pray that this sleezy doctor doesn’t try to turn him in or something. Are the mods allowed to be independent of K-Corp? Did they take his intel or did someone steal it? How did he leave them? Afterall, if they are to keep mods a secret, they can’t have them wandering around, but I guess they figure they’ll kill themselves so quickly if they lose a mate that it won’t be a problem? But still, the bodies could be found, so how did he get free of them?
    When will they begin to share their growing feelings for one another. Will kim believe it is more than gratitude? I can’t wait for more! If you need a beta on this, let me know.

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