2 thoughts on “Still freebies left

  1. thanks for the freebies. it’s always kind of authors who give to the fans who are always reading their work. I am disgusted to hear another author having their work poached by these scumbags. Can’t you sue somebody who does that and collect what they sold when you have a copyright. If not, the system has to be changed. ugh! Well, look forward to talking to you soon

  2. Thanks for the sentiments.
    When Rough Boys was stolen by Felix Ferrero, I contacted an attorney, but he said, unless the guy has deep pockets and I can prove significant financial harm, then it probably wasn’t worth pursuing. He was also in the UK, which makes it that much more difficult. I think CariZ got the best revenge. She published a blog post titled, “Felix Fererro, Plagiarizing Dick”. To this day if you google his name, that is the top hit. LOL!

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