Coming for Halloween!


The Valjevo Encounter

When an imposing man dressed in black leather, riding a Harley, and sporting a mysterious eye patch charges into an alley and saves college senior Melvin “Tigger” Jacobsen from a creature with soulless, solid black eyes and glistening fangs, sparks begin to fly. Too bad they may not live long enough to explore their irresistible attraction.

Guy Salluci is a vampire hunter who works for a highly covert organization called EERIE. He is Mel’s dream man come-to-life. His bulging muscles and stern countenance are a sharp contrast to the gentle care he gives the injured Mel.

Until now Mel’s biggest challenge was finding a studly boyfriend who will put up with his terminal geekiness. When he finds himself on the run from the vampire, Valjevo, who has targeted him for his next meal, Guy puts him into protective custody at his hidden Mercer Island residence. Mel finds himself falling head-over-heels for the enigmatic vampire hunter—a man torn between his ravenous desires and the horrors of his twisted past. But is Guy even capable of returning Mel’s affection?

When Valjevo hunts Mel down, intent on torture, mayhem, and satisfying his vampire lust, Mel’s only hope is to be rescued by Guy. But the vampire hunter turns out to be not entirely human and unexpectedly vulnerable.

Publisher’s note: Contains scenes of graphic violence, male/male sex, brief non-con, and mild BDSM.


I’m very excited to finally be publishing Valjevo. I’ll send buy links as soon as it’s available.

Last chance for beta version: I’ll leave the beta version up on my author site for about 12 more hours. After that, you’ll have to buy the actual ebook to read it. (Sorry, but I would love to be able to write full-time, and if I keep giving stuff away, I’ll never get there). Hint: if you want a free copy of the ebook, check my publisher website. It will likely be available free there for about 24 hours sometime in the next few days.

Thanks everyone for all your comments and support.

2 thoughts on “Coming for Halloween!

  1. Which is your publisher website..? I can’t see that information anywhere and I would really like me a give-away or just buy the book. Seems like I owe you for giving us this fantastic story.

  2. If you click on one of the books that’s listed along the right side of my webpage, it will pull up Divergent Publishing –the page with that book. It should easy to find the other ones because I only have 4 books on the whole site. Once I post Valjevo, I’ll have five. 😉

    Both my author website and my publishing website are in need of some TLC, especially my publishing website. Web work just hasn’t bubbled to the top of my priority list yet.

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