Another Interview…

and another chapter coming soon. Jamie Lake has interviewed me and posted it on her website. Check it out here: Thanks, Jamie, I really enjoyed answering your questions.

And, to answer the questions I’ve been getting from readers, yes, I am still working on A Christmas Hero (Ugh! I hate that name. Will be changing it soon. Suggestions welcome.) and should be posting another chapter in the next couple of days.

It’s been a wonderful summer in Seattle: sunny and warm, but not too hot. I’ve spent every weekend in August and half the weekends in July off and about somewhere. I’ve been to Alaska, had two island adventures (a civilized one and a wilderness one), and have visited many dear friends. Things should be settling down now, although I do have two writer conferences I’m attending this fall: GRNW here in Seattle and GRL in Chicago. Well, maybe not so much on the settling down.

In any case, I’ll try very hard to write faster on The Zone Wars, *subtitle TBD. Hope you all had a fabulous summer.

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