Another Review

Beverley at Prism Book Alliance reviewed Revenge here. She didn’t like it, but I’m glad she was honest with her opinion. They’re also giving a lucky commenter two ebooks of choice from any of the books they review this month, so comment away! 😉

4 thoughts on “Another Review

  1. This reviw was all about nit picking. What about the great comedymoments and the fact that Ty, Sean, Dani and Nigel oversome varying degrees of drug and alcohol problems.
    I left a comment there and will repeat it here:
    “The only parts of the above review i agree with are the parts about Sean, Tim and Ty’s father. I did feel that Tim and Ty’s father should have felt more consequences from their behaviour in respect to Ty. When it comes to stories i am very vindictive and would have liked to see them beaten and given a taste of their own medicine in prison.
    I also agree with the comment about Seans brogue.
    However the other comments i do not agree with. I enjoyed all the sex scenes and liked reading the different ways the author used to describe the acts the characters took part in. Sean was not pursued for the attack on Mark as the security tech changes the video feed. This is explained.
    I have read and enjoyed all three of these books and look forward to reading lots mire from this author”
    I also left a review on my own blog.
    Hope the rest of the reviewers are more balanced and tell the goods parts as well as the parts the reviewer did not like.

  2. I might be biased, but I didn’t agree with that review. Just because some things weren’t drawn out in some ridiculous fashion doesn’t mean it’s a plot hole or doesn’t live up to the name if the book.if you had chosen for some backlash to occur on the Tim and the guy that hurt Kae then the book would have never end. It’s not a soap opera so no unnecessary drama was needed. The title was obviously meant as a closer when compared to the first two novels and it lived up to that title, at least in my opinion. The sex scenes that you write always get me excited and that’s all I’ll say about that. But as I stated earlier, I might be biased.

  3. I appreciate an honest review as much as the next person but I agree with Carol, she was nit-picky. And personally, I don’t think it’s fair to give a rating to one book without also scoring the trilogy as a whole. You don’t get the full picture unless you read all three.

    • She actually did review the other two as well a few weeks ago. She gave Runaway a 3.5 and Redemption a 4. It’s interesting how everyone has their own opinion on things. I had one reader rate #1 and #2 a 4 and #3 a 3, and another reader rated #1 and #2 a 4 and #3 a 5. So it evens out, I guess.

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