More Publicity — yay!

Funny how sometimes everything happens at once. Today is one of those days.

I’m blogging today on Michael Rupured’s Blogspot. That, of course, has been scheduled for quite sometime, and I’m very happy to be there pimping my Rough Boys. I see he’s also got a cool widget right at the top where you can rate it. So check it out and star me!

Also there are two different reviews for Rough Boys coming out. I knew these were coming too, just wasn’t sure of the timing. I’m glad they were both finished at the same time because one counterbalanced the other.

Shayla Mist posted a lovely, insightful review of the trilogy on Shayla’s Little Shell. She gave it a 4.5 star rating and had some excellent points about the structure of the story of which I wasn’t even aware. Thank you Shayla! Please check it out and give Shayla some love.

I have another review coming out too of Rough Boys: Revenge–I thought it would have posted by now, by now I don’t see it up yet. I’m almost hesitant to bring this one up because the reviewer didn’t like it and gave it a 2.5, but I realize not everyone is going to like what I write, and I’m actually surprised I haven’t gotten more negative ratings or comments yet. When it does post, I’ll send out a link.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished Chapter 23 of Encounters, and will post it by this weekend–I promise. There will still be one or two chapters after this one.

Happy Thursday!

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