I started back at work full time this week at a very intense job, which I’m actually pretty excited about — as far as computer industry companies go, you can’t get much more altruistic than this one, so if I have to spend my time at a day job (and I still do) this is the one for me.

What I missed with the whole new job excitement is that my first interview (from someone other than an author friend) came out! Beverley Jansen did an awesome job of asking me some compelling questions and pulling it all together.

Holy shit! Here’s the link:http://www.prismbookalliance.com/2014/01/rough-boys-interview-with-j-vaughn-by-beverley/.

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  1. Congratulations! I truly love Rough Boys and glad it is getting recognized! Love all of your other stories too and cannot wait to see what the future will bring!

    • Did you mean finish the current story, which I’ll get back to as soon as I can. (I’m a bit underwater right now with the new job and other deadlines.) Or did you mean you want a sequel?

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