Encounters – New Sections + Partial Chapter 21

I’ve gone back and added a couple of new sections to previously written chapters. I wanted to give everyone a bit more insight into Guy’s mindset and background. I’ve added pointers to the new sections in the Table of Contents. They are in chapters 14 and 15. I’ve also posted the beginning of Chapter 21. I’ll post the rest of 21 soon, although some of the events that I had originally planned for 21 have spilled into Chapter 22.

Happy New Year, everyone. J–

2 thoughts on “Encounters – New Sections + Partial Chapter 21

    • Is it too confusing? There is more to Guy’s back-story that hasn’t come out yet, but I was hoping it was clear that Salvatore is Guy (formerly).
      And Sal is short for Salucci as well, but that’s not his real last name.

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