Rough Boys Redemption is Out!

Rough Boys: Redemption is now available for sale! I’m so excited that it’s up. I absolutely love the cover that PL Nunn did for me.


You can get it from my publishing website, cheapest because I don’t have to charge taxes. There are some minor text problems still on that site because I haven’t had time fix them all, but everything is functional.

It’s also available from Smashwords here and AllRomanceeBooks–just search for Rough Boys. Amazon hasn’t quite posted it yet–should be out very soon, and it’ll be a couple of more weeks before it shows up on Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc.

Happy Friday and Happy Snow Day!

6 thoughts on “Rough Boys Redemption is Out!

  1. Just wanted to let you that I read books 1 & 2 of rough boys series and I am so in love with Ty and Abe. Such a great couple, I almost wish the novels had been just about them as I could not get enough of the two of them. I was so captivated. Ty is simply adorable. I’m looking forward to book 3 but sad that it’s the last one.

    • Don’t know. I had a hard time finding Runaway, but you’re right, Redemption doesn’t seem to be there yet. It should be by now. I’ll have to follow up with Smashwords to find out. Maybe they rejected it for the risquĂ© cover?

    • I just investigated this. Apple has rejected it for “prohibited explicit or objectionable content.” That could be the cover, but it could be some of the content as well. I’m hoping it’s just a mistake, but obviously from that description I really have no idea to which aspect of my novel they are objecting.

      Meanwhile, you can always get it cheapest and easiest from my publishing company, I don’t care if you provide real info for name and address, and you can use your credit card on Paypal without joining.

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