Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Yes, trying to give a positive spin on this.

I’m weeks away from finally publishing Rough Boys to find out that someone else has already done it! It’s up on Amazon at PLEASE DO NOT buy it from there.

This Felix Fucking Ferraro has his own “author” website and has also stolen the work of several other authors, including CariZ, Jon L. Keys, and others. Un-fucking-believable! Excuse my language. I’m usually not given to expletives, but I am so angry right now my hands are shaking as I try to drink my coffee. (Well, maybe that’s just too much coffee. LOL!)

Hopefully I’ll get the next chapter of Encounters up today. I had planned to spend the morning doing final edits, but have spent it gnashing my teeth and doing damage control instead.

Many thanks to Authlim of Xvim who noticed the posting and sent me an email.

11 thoughts on “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  1. Well the link isn’t working so maybe that’s a good sign. I was ready to blast that fuck in comments. He’ll be hunted down, don’t worry.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I contacted Amazon last night when I came home and discovered this. The book is already off of Amazon, but I think Fucking Felix did that himself, because I also fired off a pissed-off email to him last night (and I’d had a few drinks). He took everything off of his personal site and posted a picture of a fluffy stuffed animal.

    All of the stories that he has up on Amazon are from writers at Lit. In addition to Cari Z (Cinders) and RedDirtWriter (Wrangler Butts), he’s posted stories from windstormy (BigRig) and gbr2004 (Made Over).

    I requested that Lit take Rough Boys down (nothing like closing the barn door after the cow escapes), but it will likely take them a few days. Meanwhile, I’m going to focus my attention on actually publishing RB. Hopefully this won’t delay publication. I am so close now with part 1 I can taste it.

  3. When I read this, my heart dropped. 😦 There are few things as devastating to a writer as having their hard work claimed by a low-life scammer. And it is a scam, because readers thought they were buying that book from the author, not a thief. There is a LOT of this kind of thing happening on Amazon and Smashwords, even ARe anymore, and it tarnishes them as well. It tarnishes all self-published authors. 😦 I’m sending you an email. Just rest assured your readers will be loyal and they will buy your book if you go ahead an publish it. Readers are wonderful that way!

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  5. I found wrangler butts first by ‘Felix Ferrero’ and some others but as soon as I realised what had happened I re-bought the books from the proper authors and deleted the fake ones from my kindle library. How did This idiot manage to steal all of the authors work? And why would anyone want to do that? He got nothing out of it and was made to look like a fool when it came out. Have read rough boys one and it is great, please release the next soon.

    • We were all posting for free on Literotica, although copying text from Literotica is not a straight-forward process. I love posting on Lit because you get a lot of exposure and a lot of comments and I think it really helped me to figure out what readers like and don’t like (I was raked over the coals for the drug use in Rough Boys and am pretty nervous because book 1 ends close to the height of that, so I know there will be some that won’t read on. I wouldn’t change it though–it’s a story that had to be told and I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of support from readers who finished the whole story.) In spite of what happened I’m still publishing on Lit; I just won’t leave stories up after I finish them. Interestingly enough, I noticed later that Felix stole the cover from Rough Boys from one Josh Lanyon’s newest books, The Parting Glass.

      Rough Boys: Redemption is due out December 20th. (Yikes, I guess I better get to cranking out all those formats!). Thanks so much for your comments and support.

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