Chapter 14

I rallied and finished editing Chapter 14. It’s probably rougher than usual, but it’s up.

My GBF (gay best friend) who will be helping me with the whole social media thing (I so don’t have time for Facebook these days) when I finally publish wants me to take everything free down from everywhere, which would include Encounters. I’m leaving it up for now. I think it’s a lot less discoverable here than on Literotica. I had planned to post it on Lit too, but now I’m having serious second thoughts about posting anything else on Lit. It’s too bad too, because it was a great way to get lots of realtime feedback.

So, since I’m feeling nostalgic, I posted all of the comments that people made about Rough Boys while it was on Lit. (It will still be up for just a few more days.) I added the comments to the end of the Rough Boys preview on this site, under the Novel menu. If you haven’t read it, be aware that many of comments contain spoilers. There ended up being a ton of comments. Literally, the doc I copied them into is 129 pages long!

One thought on “Chapter 14

  1. I am sorry to hear about the rude folks stealing your work. It makes me sad that a few bad apples ruin something that brings joy to so many. I loved following rough boys on Literotica and I am really enjoying encounters. Thanks for continuing the story on here despite your bad experience. Your work is appreciated by many!

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