Thank you anon

I just got the most amazing feedback from an anonymous reader and I have to at least blog to say thank you. The reader gushed about how much they loved Rough Boys — it was all they could think of the whole week they were reading it. They went on and on about how the HEA ending was just perfect, and many of the opinions they stated mirror my own. Life is hard enough without reading books that have sad endings!

I’m going through a bit of a dark time right now with the death of my editor and the crumbling end to my 20 year relationship. This reader’s feedback was a much needed beam of bright warm light.

I feel like I’m time-slicing much too much and not making nearly as much forward progress as I need to in any areas of my life right now. But, I still have faith that there is an HEA waiting for me out there — or at least an HFN. 

Whoever you are … thanks for making my night! And my tomorrow too.


7 thoughts on “Thank you anon

  1. I was hoping for a happy ending when it came out. I finished a story recently that had a ending so sad (both characters died in original) she had to make another happy ending from the threats she was receiving. I am hoping things get better in your life.

  2. i’m sorry about your relationship, hope things get better and im also sorry about your editor. i just read rough boys all in one day and it was amazing. and i love your new story as well. cant wait to see what else you write.

  3. Hang in there, Jay. Your stories are fantastic. I started reading Rough Boys about ten chapters in- I think it was where Ty was homeless, Trish had disappeared and he had no place to go. It was very dark, very vivid and totally real, and I was hooked. I was so happy when you posted the last chapter because of everything the boys had been through, they ALL got their happy ever after. And your Valentine’s story was sweet. You have so much talent I hope you publish Rough Boys. And write another story, of course, once you get over this rough patch. Take care.

    • Thanks for your comments. I love writing and really wish I had more time for it — working on it! (I probably should be writing right now instead of reading emails and commenting. LOL!) — Jay

  4. Hey J,
    I was checking to see if there were any updates on the publishing and saw this post.
    Life can very hard sometimes, but it always gets better.I hope the last month has been much better since you made this post.
    Hang in there buddy.

  5. Hi Mik,

    Thanks for your comment. Things are getting better — slowly. I’m still time-slicing too much, dealing with lots of details that I’d rather not. The editing of Rough Boys is much more time-consuming than I expected as well. My focus has been on that rather than on writing new stuff, but I get a lot of joy from writing new stories, and can’t wait to get back into the depths of one. On the positive side, the days are getting longer, if not warmer here. I’m working out more, eating right, and trying to get plenty of sleep, so surely the world will fall into its proper place soon.


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