If you’re wondering about the delay on Chapter 23 of Rough Boys — after all, I blogged weeks ago that I finished the novel — the reason is because I got paranoid. Tali Spencer, who is a tremendously talented author and had a number of wonderful stories up for free, recently found out that most of them were stolen. You can read about it here:

Don’t worry, I still plan to post the rest of RB, but I want to make sure that I register the copyright first. To that end I’ve spent the last ten days combining all the chapters into a single doc, formatting, and re-editing so that I can send something that is very close to final copy to the copyright office. I’m now editing Chapter 19, so getting there. Perhaps I’ll post Chapter 23 at or close to my normal schedule.

Tali isn’t the only one who’s been affected. Robcub ( has had some of his stories stolen as well, and I’ve heard rumor of others, although I don’t know their names.

It’s hard for me to imagine what kind of mind it takes to steal someone else’s creative work and publish it as her own (and I’m good at imagining). In Tali’s case it appears that profit was the motive. At least one of the stories that was stolen from Robcub was published for free. These people must be almost as sick as Richard Iverson. I don’t want to think about the anguish I’d go through if I discovered that my first novel, the one I’ve poured so much of myself into over the past year and a half, was stolen.

The novel has ended up so long, for all I know, someone’s already published books 1, 2 and 3 of it. If you see it out there under any name other than J. Vaughn, please let me know immediately and post angry, damaging comments on that fake author’s site!

Meanwhile, I’ll try to hang onto my faith in humanity and post 23 as soon as I can.


4 thoughts on “Thievery

  1. Jay,
    They’re the children of Satan and like worms in the bud. Can you tell I like purple prose? Yes, Tali Spencer is indeed a great author and I read that blog too after she kindly messaged me. I think what you’re doing is the right thing – as writers we go primarily with our instincts – and what you – and all of us who care about writing – do is create the child of our imaginations and talents. We develop, nurture, tend and send out into the world the result of our craft. These thieving scumbags are a menace, and writers should develop a community with each other to support the process of writing, yes, but also to gather our resources against these talentless sociopaths. I think I’ve covered everything. Magnificent chapter 22 by the way, and incredible picture; definitely lovely Ty.
    PS Re Spanish captain and French Lesson; they’re out there now, I had thought about pulling them and self publishing, but my own instincts are telling me to start new writing projects for submissions. However, have you considered self publishing? It isn’t the sad and deluded vanity project it used to be thought of; apologies if you’ve already been aware of this, but successful authors are going down the self publishing route. One of them moved out of her small apartment and now lives in a mansion with a pool, I think!
    Keep writing, keep believing.

    LaVieErotique (who goes by Robyn in the dreary world of work!!)

    • Thanks for your comments. And yes, I am planning to self-publish soon. I opened a publishing company that I’m planning to publish through. I may publish for others as well, but my main focus will be (I hope) on writing. Currently my day-job is sucking a lot of my time and my brain, so progress on publishing has been slower than I hoped. However, PL Nunn (Bishonenworks link from my site) is doing the cover art for me and other pieces are coming together too. I’ll blog about self-publishing soon and why I chose to go that route.

      I’m also getting very excited about Yaoi-con. I’ll blog about that too, I’m sure. J–

      > Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 21:30:31 +0000 > To: >

  2. I completely understand that you need to protect your work in this way although I hope it is not too long a process as I am eager to read the end of my favourite story.

  3. Oh yes. Please protect your work. I would truly hate it if you ever got hurt like that. Watching Talia go through it was HORRIBLE. I had heard it happend to Rob too. Your story and the other authors are some of my very favorite. I hate the delay because I want to see what happens but you are way, way more important to protect. You work hard and no one should ever be able to take that away from you. Best of luck too you!

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