~ The End ~

Finally, finally I got to type those two little words. At 3:59 today, I finished writing Rough Boys, my first ever finished novel.
There are still two chapters and an Epilog left to post, and readers won’t be seeing the rest right away. Everything is in various stages of rewrites and editing, so I’ll likely continue to publish at my normal slow schedule.
Still, it feels amazing to actually get to “The End.” This calls for a celebration!

7 thoughts on “~ The End ~

  1. Hi jay! I’m a 19 years old fan of you from Philippines and one of your silent reader. I hope you continue writing cuz your really talented. I just envy every episode of rb that you write and I wish I was as good writer as you.

    • Thanks Tali! It means a lot that someone as talented as you are thinks my book is amazing. Especially since I just got Chapter 1 back from a professional editor (a friend of a friend of a friend). I submitted it to him just to see what kind of feedback I’d get. He hated it–had lots of comments and not a single one positive. It’s a good thing I’ve got vocal fans or I might be contemplating giving up about now. LOL! I’ve decided to ignore much of his feedback.

      And Thanks for the offer to help with promotion as well. It’s all new territory for me.


  2. hi dear i loved your story english is not my first language and im not good at it but i read 22 ch of r b in 2 days and this was best story i ever read u are so good writer and i hope u can publish your book im waiting for that day and im also waiting for ch 23

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