Welcome to my blog

I finally got a website. I guess if you’re here, you’ve figured that out. I’m probably not actually going to blog much. I hate blogging.

I volunteered in Haiti for several months right after the earthquake (the photo above is one I took there on the drive through the mountains between Leogane and Jacmel). I promised friends and family I would blog while I was there. And I did. But to my surprise, I hated it.

I love writing. But I love writing fiction. I love creating characters and putting them into difficult situations to see what they’ll do. Maybe I’m sadistic—I love torturing my heroes. But I don’t like torturing myself, so I probably won’t blog much.

I will try to keep this site updated with what I’m working on. And I love to hear from readers, so by all means, post a comment or send me an email.

Happy reading.


6 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Hi Jay, it’s a great pleasure to post a comment on your brand new site. I write also on Lit, under the username of LaVieErotique, and I wish you good fortune with your writing. I completely understand your comments about an addiction to writing; it feels like that indeed. I would like to say how I absolutely adore your series Rough Boys — your writing, of course — and I am somewhat in awe of the courage with which you write and develop your characters. Not only that, you manage to evoke such investment in your characters, that myself, and many others no doubt, appreciate you sharing your stories with us. I slightly envy your ability (in a benevolent way!) of creating such an authentic feel to your writing; my writing is very much like me, living in the clouds, but there is something very special about how you write. I shall haunt the Hub awaiting Chapter 21, and I must tell you I have read and re-read the series several times. Best wishes,

    • Hi Robyn,
      Thanks for your comment. I guess we are mutual fans because I am in awe of your work too. I envy your sophisticated prose and am hoping some day to have such a way with words. I think you do a wonderful job of developing memorable, complicated characters, and it’s obvious from the comments you get that your readers are passionate about them. Your characters fall in love so deeply and you describe it in beautiful detail. (Sigh.)
      I’ve been home sick the last few days and finally had a chance to catch up, so just finished reading Chapter 9 of The Spanish Captain, and Chapter 5 of French Lessons. You’ve got me on tenterhooks for both of them. Very well done!
      I’m also envious of how fast you write. I seem to be slowing down, but that might be because I’m nearing the end. I just started on the Epilog this morning. I’m really looking forward to writing something new. I have so many idea, I’m not sure which one to go with first.
      Thanks for commenting. — Jay

  2. Clearly, you just need more non-fictional torture material to encourage your blogging. (JK. Mostly.) Looking forward to your updates!

  3. I absolutely adore ur story. It seems to invoke every emotion a person can possibly have. I wouldnt change anything…i think this is one of realistic stories i have read. I love how developed the characters r and so wish i could have Sean as my man… however im the wrong gender lol.

    Anyway keep it up and congratulations on rising above ur addiction.


  4. Thank you for the web page ! I think it could be an important platform for your work before you start publishing – as I know you will (Shoud) !

  5. It’s funny how the comments have us all saying the same thing about how real and visceral your characters are and how much emotion the story pulls out of us. I think it says alot about that really being some of the strong suits of your writing.

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